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TRIPLE AAA NURTURING: attention, affection and appreciation!

Dear Reader,

Allow me to mother you a bit today! I can see you are growing weary of the uncertainty of everything. Let’s pause for a few moments to review what we know for sure. 2020 was an extremely challenging year for most of us. 2021 does not seem to be swinging quickly in the opposite direction. It can appear that we are WAITING for something good to happen! Please do not look to the news for this inspiration. Instead, let’s sit down and have some tea. Take off your shoes, get comfy and yes, go ahead and grab the quilt to cover yourself a bit. Now, there, do you feel a bit better just getting yourself situated? I hope so. Close your eyes for a moment and with your inner vision, scan your body. What does your body want? Are you hungry? Let me get you a little snack! Perhaps you’re sleepy? Let’s take some time to let your body know we are listening intently. What does your body need from you?

As a mom of six (three from my womb and three from my groom, otherwise known as a blended family), I can tell you with great certainty, that we cannot grow a powerful nation with weak individuals, just as we can’t have a strong family unit without healthy, strong family members. We must start by nurturing ourselves and one another. How do we do this? With Triple AAA Nurturing.

ATTENTION – When we direct our focus, we allow our consciousness to flow towards the object of our attention. When you or someone you love is hurting in anyway, please STOP and allow your full attention to go towards the discomfort. This works whether the symptoms are physical or emotional. Just notice the sensation if its within you. If it’s somebody else, ask them with a gentle voice to tell you where it hurts. Be soothing and soft as you ask and listen with your whole self. Healing begins the moment suffering is even acknowledged. Our willingness to just accept pain’s full expression is so helpful. After one symptom is shared, ask what else is hurting. Perform a full momma medical/emotional intake simply by asking questions sweetly and listening with your full attention.

AFFECTION – once you have acknowledged the sufferings of yourself or loved one, now we offer affection. Think of it as tender, gentle strokes of healing grace. Whether I am comforting my child or my husband, I consciously visualize my heart radiating bright healing love. I send this love directly into their being even if I don’t speak of it. Mostly, I am quiet except for a few reassuring words. “Let me rub your head. Lay down next to me. I can help you.” And then I gently use my fingertips to softly stroke the area that requires soothing. Lately I’ve noticed we are all getting too much into our heads – overthinking can really be draining and can cause headaches. By putting gentle pressure on the temples and going upwards into the hairline and caressing the scalp, this pressure is released. If a tummy is upset, first rub your hands together briskly a few times to generate heat, then place your open palms directly on the abdomen. Our digestive tracts hold our emotions. So find out if the issue needs releasing or slowing down. To stimulate a release, gently massage in a clockwise circular direction. For an over-active digestive tract, one that is not holding down its contents, gently use your fingertips in a counterclockwise direction. These simple moves can really bring relief. If you’re unsure, ask for feedback such as “honey, is this helping?”. If you simply JUST HOLD ON to yourself or your loved one, healing will begin. If you’re the one needing affection and you are by yourself, get into the fetal position as best you can. This is done by laying on your side with your hands under your head for comfort and with ease bring your knees up as close to your tummy as you can. This is the position we were all once in as we developed in our momma’s womb.

APPRECIATION – this vital aspect of nurturing can take place at any and all times throughout the healing process. It’s important to express how much we cherish our beloveds. To hear how much we are loved and appreciated helps us heal. It’s also beneficial to express gratitude to each part of ourselves and others. Especially the parts that are hurting. You can say “tummy, I know you’ve trying hard to settle down. And I appreciate you! I believe in you! I am here for you.” This may sound silly, but it is effective whether you are doing self-healing or tending to someone you love.

It’s funny how often we get critical of a part of ourselves or someone else who is struggling when truthfully, we can heal quicker if we acknowledge the suffering through our attention, offer affection and express our appreciation. The next time you are hurting, whether you stub your toe or your heart is breaking, give yourself ATTENTION, AFFECTION & APPRECIATION.

I’m sending my love too, Diana

Diana Stone, M.A., is a Wellness Consultant and inspirational writer and speaker. Connect with her at or


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