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Staying connected and well while social distancing

Dear Reader,

How are you doing? How are YOU handling this unprecedented Global Pandemic? Are you embracing the SACRED PAUSE from your every day life as you knew it or are you restless, concerned and wanting NORMALCY? Perhaps like most of us, your feelings fluctuate depending upon where you are putting your attention. When I watch the news, I feel so shocked that a virus can be so deadly and I feel so heartsick especially for all of the front line doctors and nurses who are risking their lives to save others. I feel for those suffering from the Corona virus and for the families who love them. I also feel for everyone who had huge milestone events that got cancelled- all of the graduates who won’t be walking across a stage to get their diplomas, all of the performers whose shows won’t go on and for all of the weddings that have to be rescheduled. There is much to grieve about. But when I allow myself to SHIFT MY FOCUS to a broader view, I see and feel from a more grateful heart. It feels not only possible but PROBABLE that this is a sacred portal to a new way of living, where we all recognize our interconnectedness and our responsibility to love and care for one another.

Most of us have been asked to make only one concession during this pandemic – STAY HOME! By staying home we avoid exposure to Covid-19 and also avoid spreading anything we may be carrying. This initially seemed like such a small ask – yet as the weeks go by, and holidays and events that we had planned to celebrate with our family and friends come and go, we wonder, how much longer must we remain HOME? Since we don’t know the end date of this pandemic, it is imperative that we learn how to practice social distancing yet still stay connected! Here are my top tips on how to navigate through this challenging time for your optimal well-being:

  1. As always, start with your own connection to SOURCE. What do you do that keeps you feeling connected to your higher being? For me it is meditation and yoga. For others it is praying or being outdoors gardening or walking. Start with yourself because you can’t pour from an empty vessel!

  2. Reach out to people you love. Call them! My 81-year-old mother has shared with me that in the last several weeks she has heard from more of her friends than she has in years! When we are free from running to events, we can take time to call our loved ones and truly catch up!

  3. Embrace new technology! FaceTime phone calls allow us to see who we are speaking with and it’s a wonderful way to feel part of the action on the other end! Zoom calls allow us to see many people on a call at the same time. Most of us have younger relatives who can talk us through ways to connect on these new platforms but I also like to refer to YouTube for a quick visual tutorial on most any topic I want to learn more about.

  4. Listen to your body’s whispers. When we are in busier times, we can be tempted to ignore triggers of hunger or fatigue. But now that we are home, let’s try to really honor our bodies. Although staying on a schedule is ideal for sleeping and meal times, if you feel sleepy, allow yourself to indulge in a nap. Sipping warm water with lemon throughout the day helps you stay hydrated and can ease temptations for constant snacking.

  5. Set some boundaries. It is natural to feel agitated with those we live with as we are together now more than ever. It may be helpful to set up some quiet spaces or agree what times of the day you will spend apart to keep everyone from getting on one another’s nerves. I also set limits on how much news I’m willing to watch. My husband wants several updates a day and once a day is plenty for me. Create boundaries so you protect your energy, your moods and your relationships!

  6. Above all, be gentle with yourself and others. This pandemic has stirred up the collective consciousness of our planet and we are all called to participate in the healing of the world. By going HOME to our true selves and being loving to ourselves, we are creating waves of calming influence that will permeate into our families and society at large.

There will be a time when this quarantine is OVER. Fast-forward in your mind’s eye to this time. Visual yourself as healthy, rested and calm. Feel yourself connected fully to your authentic power and creativity. Imagine returning to the world as a beacon of light sending love to everyone you encounter.

I salute you for doing your part! With love, Diana

Diana Stone, M.A., is a Wellness Consultant and inspirational writer and speaker. Connect with her at or

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