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How Transcendental Meditation Empowers Me as a MOM

I have always been a nurturer by nature. I like the way it feels to comfort, encourage, delight and inspire my loved ones. But after several years of staying home to raise my children, I felt I was ready to get back into the work force to put my degrees to work and earn an additional paycheck for my family. I wanted to really make a bigger difference in the world than I thought just being a mom was doing and I felt ready to take on more exciting challenges than motherhood provided.

When I was offered my dream position to serve as the Director of Health Education at a local Healing Center, I took it as a perfect sign to step out. Within a week of working full-time, my family started to feel the affects of my career demands. My children had to be dropped off earlier at school with breakfast on the run just so I could attend early meetings. They had to stay later so I could wrap up my day. Although everyone stepped up to support the transition, it became increasingly clear that without a home-base coordinator, our family was losing its balance. The calm that was once the foundation of our home was replaced by a rushed vibration where everyone had to keep moving to get everything done. After just a couple of months, I knew my family needed the fullness of my attention to nurture them, maintain the household and allow everyone to reclaim the feeling of home being the safe sanctuary of love and renewal.While everyone enjoyed my return home, I felt lost. I actually enjoyed many aspects of my return to work. I even liked meetings with grown ups and projects with deadlines. I felt important in ways that just being a mom did not validate. I decided to take Transcendental Meditation training to give me some insights into what my next step would be. Within just a week of meditating, I experienced the most profound KNOWING that my ONLY ROLE ON THE PLANET IS TO LOVE AND NURTURE MY LOVED ONES. Within a month of meditating, it became clearer that everyone is connected and by my simply offering the gentle energy of acceptance to whomever I come into contact with, I have the ability to truly heal hearts. Now, after just 3 months of meditating, I am absolutely certain that my calm presence is the biggest gift I can give to my husband and children. The peace that meditation has given to me allows me to lovingly release ego and embrace joy!


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