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Bloom where you are planted!

Dear Reader,

Hello there! How are you doing? Are you thriving or just surviving? The truth is, even during these unprecedented times, there are people, perhaps you are one of them, who are truly finding ways to make each day productive, meaningful and beautiful.

Some people are even crediting this pandemic for liberating them in ways they never even imagined! By being forced out of auto-pilot mode, many people are really looking at their lives and examining what aspects are truly in alignment with their best intentions and deepest desires. I have observed people starting on-line businesses and others making changes in their primary relationships and still others discovering new hobbies that delight them! It takes courage and dedication to create new careers, relationships and creative outlets. As most of us have slowed down from the usual busy pace of working outside of our homes, running countless errands and participating in social circles, our attention has been able to shift to our inner world – our feelings, our wants, our fears, our longings. As the weeks have turned to months of slower paced living, we are granted the opportunity to gauge if our outer world is truly a reflection of our inner visions. I invite you to take the INNER SELF challenge and allow your inner voice to speak loud enough to be heard. Is your life in alignment with your highest vision?

Give yourself a few moments to answer some questions. Are you overall satisfied with your life? Are you able to be productive each day? Is there deep meaning in your life and in your relationships? Are you creating and enjoying beauty each day?

Some people may argue that this is not the time to really make any major changes but the truth is that NOW is THEE ONLY TIME WE HAVE to do anything! We are not guaranteed we will have another year, another decade or more. We have NOW and as Eckhart Tolle has taught us, the power is always in the present moment. So allow yourself to step back from the world view (your source of news of what is occurring outside of you) and delve deep into your own inner view of you and how you fit into the outer world. By focusing on yourself and strengthening your own resolve to add to the productivity, beauty and meaning of first your own life, you will automatically be raising the vibrations of those around you!

With the spread of Covid-19 still a risk, we are highly encouraged to STAY PUT (meaning not to travel now) and not to gather in crowds so it is thee ideal time to BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED. You need not wait for conditions outside of your control to shift for you to take charge of your own dominion! You can immediately take better control of your life through three easy steps!

1. Practice self-care! Make it a priority to get enough sleep, eat well and exercise every day! Your body is your vessel for all of your life’s expressions! It’s vital that you take supreme care of your instrument of expression!

2. Create meaning in your life by scattering love and kindness to everyone you can. We are all interconnected and when we consciously reach out from a heart space of genuine love and appreciation, we literally are raising the vibrations of those we are focused upon. You have the power to make someone’s day magnificent by your sheer appreciation of them!

3. Notice beauty! Nature creates so much for us to be in awe of! Just look around you at the lush greenery and the beautiful clouds and know you too are part of this tapestry of glory!

Law of attraction states that what we focus upon grows. So I lovingly encourage you to take stock of all that is going right in your world and BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED! Now is the time not to merely survive, but to THRIVE! As always, I am here, cheering you on! With love, Diana

Diana Stone, M.A., is a Wellness Consultant and inspirational writer and speaker. Connect with her at or


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