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SPREAD YOUR LOVE, not your fear!

None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful. MOTHER TERESA

Dearest Reader,

First of all, allow me to offer the fullness of my presence to you. Allow me to sit here at my computer and just send you waves of love and encouragement. I know many of you are struggling. Whether it be in the category or health, or finances or emotionally, this pandemic has affected everyone. I feel your pain and suffering. May it bring you some comfort to just know there is another human being who is a witness to your angst. Yet fear not. You are powerful beyond your imagination and you possess the greatest, timeless superpower EVER – and that is the capacity to LOVE! To give love, receive love and BE LOVE. But let’s step back for a moment…

Perhaps you’ve come to the same conclusion I have about this pandemic. It has forever changed our way of living. Even as we enter re-opening phases, even once the strictest of rules have been lifted, we now know something as invisible as a threatening virus can permanently affect nearly every aspect of how we live our lives. Many of us or those we know and love have lost businesses or worse their health due to Covid 19 or the stressors that surround our current situation. The raging fires in California, Washington and Oregon are further amplifying our vulnerability to Mother Nature. As we watch the mainstream news, we can feel hopeless and overwhelmed by all that is occurring.

When we get scared, our bodies slip into the panic mode. The fight or flight mode takes over and our heart races and our anxiety intensifies. We may begin creating “worse case scenarios” in our heads. Have you ever done that? One common way we terrify ourselves is to use our search engines to look up any symptom we may be having from an itchy bite to stomach pain or a headache. It seems the search engines are designed to give shocking images and dreadful projections of nearly every symptom. And yet we know our bodies are marvelously and divinely designed. Our bodies work endlessly to heal and repair and restore us ALWAYS. But they do require us to participate in our healings! HOW? By providing the proper conditions to heal – ample rest, quality nutrition and exercise (as possible) and daily doses of fresh air and nature.

To access our innate SUPERPOWER OF LOVE we want to first start with ourselves by honoring what our body’s need to feel better. Just notice how much better you feel overall after something as simple as a good night’s rest or a refreshing nap! Our bodies serve as a channel for the divine to shine through. So allow me to gently guide you back to your best, most loving self because dear one, the world does not need a huge miracle. The world needs each of us to to raise our own vibrations of love and as we each shine brightly and share our love and light, the miracle of love will transform the world one soul at time!

Take a few moments now to ask yourself how you can love yourself more? How can you honor yourself right now? Are you tired or hungry or thirsty? Meet those needs in you. Take a nap, have a snack, sip some water. Are you lonely? Call a friend! Are you overwhelmed? Ask for help! One little step at a time, honor what you need. And before long, you will notice your vitality return and when it does, reach out. Remember Mother Teresa taught us we need not do great things but small things with great love! So be open to how you can uplift, reassure and provide relief for those you care about. Write a note, call a friend, deliver a meal or flowers to someone who is struggling. There is tremendous power in these small gestures. They create a ripple effect in the Universe. As we love one another, that wave of love continues to travel through to everyone your loved one has contact with. We are all connected. We need not fear that we are spreading viruses to one another when we possess thee most powerful, contagious healing agent of all time…. LOVE! Spread LOVE! May you all remain strong, safe and in the knowing that we are all eternal beams of light! Shine brightly dear ones! As always, I am cheering you on! Love, Diana

Diana Stone, M.A., is a Wellness Consultant and inspirational writer and speaker. Connect with her at or


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