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It is with joy and gratitude that I devote my website towards empowering women to trust our inner wisdom so we can fully enjoy our journey through all of our life’s stages and ages.


My purpose is to offer women an expanded “tool kit” of strategies designed to help women nurture themselves and others with more passion, purpose, peace and pizzazz! My primary tools of transformation are meditation, massage, wellness coaching, detoxification training, raw food preparation, juicing, kinesiology, yoga, humor therapy and more!


I offer individual coaching, small group sessions, lectures and seminars that focus on applying the Law of Attraction in everyday life. For over 30 years I have provided Educational Leadership, Wellness Counseling and Lifestyle Coaching in public and private educational settings including Hippocrates Health Institute. I also trained at Brenda Cobb’s Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. The most amazing realization from all of my studies and experiences is that we are innately gifted, hard-wired for love, and fully equipped with an internal GPS system that will guide us to our highest expressions of love if we only tune in and listen!


Allow yourself to receive your birthright of joy, health, peace, abundance and genuine love! Simply let go! Connect with me if you are ready to claim your best life!


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