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Dear Reader,

If we truly are what we eat, what would you be RIGHT NOW based on your last meal or snack? A bag of chips? A salad? A cup of Java? Fortunately, our amazing bodies do not instantly morph into the very last bite or drink we just ingested, but over time, we are a living compilation of everything we have allowed into our systems. This includes not only our foods and drinks, but also our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Our bodies are the magnificent physical representation of our genes and our lifestyles. Many of us are living very full, active lives. Feeding our families and ourselves often slips from being a priority to being a mild (or major!) inconvenience. We often look for short cuts to satisfy the hunger, the cravings and the very real need for nutrients that we require to function! I am regularly asked for ideas for meal planning quick and easy meals. But what I have discovered is that even with one thousand easy to follow, healthy, tasty recipes, until we shift our mindsets about food, we won’t be inclined to even try the recipes. We are after all, creatures of habit. Let’s take a moment to PAUSE and consider a few points.

  1. Food is fuel to our bodies. It is essential that we refuel and stay hydrated to function. Waiting until we are famished (i.e. cranky, light-headed, overwhelmed!) to start thinking about what to eat is like trying to learn to swim while entering the ocean. It’s too risky! You wouldn’t dare take a long drive without putting gas into your car. Allow yourself to fuel up your body before you run out of energy! By making NOURISHING YOURSELF a priority you are recognizing that your health is the golden ticket to doing everything you want to do in this lifetime!

  1. When we take time to actually plan our meals, we make healthier choices. By thinking ahead, we also can arrange to have the ingredients on hand required to make our meals. Some argue that they are too rushed to prepare food so they go through the drive through or order meals to be picked up. Of course there are times when this just makes sense but as a lifestyle, it is actually more efficient, less expensive and healthier to take control of what we are putting into our bodies by choosing recipes that support our optimal health (unlike in restaurants where added salts, sugars and oils are the norm).

  1. Preparing and offering high quality foods to our family is one of the most loving things we can do. We are literally feeding their bodies and their souls. When we present our spouse, children, parents or friends with food, we are in essence giving them the gift of life and love. When we eat together, free from technology and distractions, we are giving them the powerful message that they matter and eating matters and TOGETHERNESS MATTERS.

If you look around at any restaurant or perhaps even your own home, you will see families eating at the same table or in the same room, but not engaging with one another. Technology has come between us. But we have the power to shift this dynamic and allow mealtimes to become sacred, healing and fun.


  1. Engage your family. Tell them you love them so much you want to make eating more delicious and fun! Ask what their favorite dishes are and tell them you plan to make them together. Trust me when they go to college, this tip alone will be invaluable to them!

  2. Keep it simple at first. Serving fresh fruit is beautiful, healthy and easy!

  3. Pack a cooler every day not just for trips! Every time you get into your car, consider where you are going and for how long. Then pack the drinks, snacks and even meals to power you through.

  4. Make car meals delightful! When my daughter has dance lessons following play practice with only 40 minutes in between, we share a meal in my parked car complete with trays and napkins and CONVERSATION! Of course when time allows, we find someplace pretty outdoors to eat, but when it is dark, we still eat together and enjoy warm, healthy meals.

  5. Rituals and schedules guarantee results. Once you have created a new plan, even if its just one new routine, such as making smoothies for breakfast – STICK WITH IT! There is much power in the credo, “PLAN YOUR WORK, WORK YOUR PLAN!”

Wishing you joyful, nourishing inspiration. Love, Diana

Diana Stone, M.A., is a Wellness Consultant and inspirational writer and speaker. Connect with her at or

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