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Survive or THRIVE!

Dear Reader,

How are you cherished beings? Have you finally surrendered to trying to control only that which is in your domain or are you still struggling against the tides of our time? There are many ways to cope with a lingering pandemic and some serve us better than others. As always it is a matter of what we choose to focus upon! Our 13-year-old daughter summed it up best when she said, “just because it seems the world is shutting down, it doesn’t mean we have to!”. She is always eager to infuse FUN into any situation. Whenever I review what homework or chores MUST be done with her, she immediately starts to negotiate how we can make a game out of it or how we should first do mini facials or how we can reward ourselves after with a swim or a treat! Sometimes I wish she would just face the “reality” of what work we have to do, but then I realize she is creating her own upgraded “reality” that makes the entire experience more pleasant!

SO WHAT ARE YOU FOCUSING UPON? Are you listening to a constant stream of negative news or are you playing music that soothes and delights you? Are you focused on what we can’t do right now or are you embracing some of the new offshoots of simpler living? I know life is not simple or easy for so many people. But I also know that once we surrender to the new temporary norms, we can create a new comfort zone for ourselves and our families.

Here are a few tips to help you survive these unusual times:

1. Be part of the solution! No matter what age or stage you are in, you can choose to radiate positive energy. You can decide each day that YOU will be a BLESSING to someone else. You can so this in very easy ways. Call a friend. Bake a couple of loaves of bread and give one away. Offer to drive a friend to a doctor appointment even if you have to wait in your car. Send a hand-written note to someone you love.

2. Make your surroundings beautiful. De-clutter your home. Now that we are not going to the theater and parties and galas, we actually do have time to get into the neglected closets and rooms of our homes and LET GO of what is no longer of use to us. Remember everything does have a vibration to it and if we are not using something, it is like leaving a radio station playing that we are not enjoying. It just becomes static in our brains taking up space not only in our closets but in our consciousness!

3. Start SMALL. We tend to talk ourselves out of projects that seem too daunting, so start in one tiny area. Consider your bed end table. CLEAR IT OFF! WIPE IT DOWN. Only put back exactly what you require – the lamp, reading glasses, the book you’re reading, tissues and your favorite water bottle. Anything else really needs to be ESSENTIAL TO YOU! I like to keep a mini hand lotion, lip gloss, and some of my favorite crystals at hand.

4. Take care of YOU! We may not be able to single handedly solve the huge problems of the world, but we can take measures to keep our own vitality strong. Be committed to basic self-care that allows for enough sleep, hydration, exercise and eating well! Your body is your vessel. Treat your body with so much love and care that you literally glow from within. Remember your mouth is the gateway for nourishment, communication and affection. Take time to brush and floss daily. Look at yourself in the mirror and give thanks to your whole body for transporting your soul around.

5. TRUST there is a higher power bigger than all of us guiding us, protecting us, inspiring us. This is a fabulous time to re-evaluate your faith. What are your beliefs about life and the afterlife? If you truly believe in heaven or that our souls are eternal, this should bring some comfort about all that is occurring around us. Death only takes the body which is our temporary costume or vessel. WE ARE ETERNAL. WE ARE LIGHT AND LOVE. WE ARE REFLECTIONS OF THE DIVINE.

We all have a choice right now. Are we going to merely survive or will we thrive? Make decisions from a place of love and let your positive intentions guide you. Together we can create a new world of love, joy and fun! Love, Diana

Diana Stone, M.A., is a Wellness Consultant and inspirational writer and speaker. Connect with her at or


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