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Dear Reader,

This weekend I had the privilege of watching the classical Seussical the Musical with my daughter. It was especially meaningful because her school’s drama teacher directed the show and a couple of her dear friends were in the show. We have always loved going to the theater together and now as she is getting older (11 and a half), she really FEELS the story line. It’s a completely entertaining experience just to marvel at the magical set, extravagant costumes and engaging musical numbers. But if you really listen to the story line, of Horton, the big affectionate elephant, who hears a WHO, a tiny whimsical person who resides on a microscopic planet covered in dust that Horton decides to protect, you can feel the painful worry that Horton feels as he tries to protect the little people that only he hears. Horton goes through many trials and tribulations trying to get others to believe him and to help him save the WHO’s. In one scene as the WHO’s are threatened to be boiled in oil, my daughter was visibly concerned for them and touched that Horton was so devoted to their well-being.

The show got me thinking that we all hear a WHO. WHO do you hear? WHO do you feel compelled to help? Once I became a mom, my children are WHO I feel an irresistible commitment to love, protect and inspire. My husband hears WHO’s from a broader perspective in his role as Headmaster of a private school. Most recently, the school community heard the pleas from Panama City who lost everything from Hurricane Michael, and the school responded by delivering a truckload of food, water and essentials. The WHO’s of Panama City were so touched they recorded a thank you video to be shared with the givers expressing that they had run out of provisions and without their delivery, they would have had to turn away hungry children and their parents. Thank goodness we all hear a WHO.

In my circle of friends, we all hear different WHO’s. Some hear the WHO’s of the hungry, the homeless, the children, the oppressed, the lonely or the animals. Some respond with direct interventions while others join organizations or engage in political activism. HOW you respond to the WHO’s who you hear is less important than the fact that you are responding. We are a collective energy field and we are all connected! We need one another to be WHOle!

Maybe we hear a WHO and get inspired to help or maybe we hear a WHO because we are chosen by our higher power to hear with the elevated frequency of compassion so we may have the privilege of serving others. Take time to quiet yourself daily through meditation, prayer or simply noticing the miracles around you. Then LISTEN. WHO is calling you?

One of my favorite quotes is by poet Annie Johnson Flint who said, “God has no hands but our hands and no tongue but our tongue.” Let us listen dear readers with open ears, open arms and most importantly, open hearts. You are here for a divine purpose. Your peace and fulfillment are by- products of how closely you are living in alignment with your sacred calling. WHO do you hear? How can you respond with LOVE?

As 2018 draws to a close, I offer my sincere gratitude for your readership. It is YOU WHO I hear. I write for YOU! With love, Diana

Diana Stone, M.A., is a Wellness Consultant and inspirational writer and speaker. Connect with her at or

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