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VOWELS to live by!

Dear Reader,

As we grow older, our outward focus may be fuzzier (requiring reading glasses!), but our inner callings become clearer, louder. As we grow in our wisdom, we also grow in our desire to live a life that is authentically our own! We no longer need to please as much as we need to be true to ourselves. Let’s re-visit the VOWELS we learned in Kindergarten (A,E,I,O,U) and allow me to offer a new perspective on this precious, amazing time of our lives!

A – ALLOW ABUNDANCE! “Abundance isn’t something you acquire- it is something you tune into.” Wayne Dyer

Abundance comes in so many forms – friendship, health, nature, our unique skills! Gratitude for our abundance guarantees more of the same! When we share our abundance with others we also expand the channel of our good fortune! So give thanks and share your abundance with others! Even simple gestures are powerful. Offer a cupcake or fresh fruit to a neighbor and notice her face light up! It feels good to be offered a treat and it feels even more amazing to offer it! Donate anything and everything you no longer need or use and see how much more room you have in your life (and your closet) for what do you want!

E – EMOTIONS ARE EVERYTHING! Emotions are thoughts traveling through our bodies in vibrational form. Our internal GPS. Before you surrender to it, make sure you have traced the thought behind the emotion and confirm that you agree with the premise. Ever followed GPS maps only to realize you plugged in the wrong address? We often drive directly to an address that wasn’t plugged in correctly and we get baffled that we are not where we intended to be! Believe me precision matters! Streets and roads and directional prefixes must be exact to get you where you want to go! So before you drive with full steam with an emotion, ask yourself “what is the thought behind this emotion?” and be sure it’s accurate! Sometimes we allow ourselves to be triggered emotionally by an old thought pattern!

Don't let yourself linger in the negative! Think of a buffet table – we do not need to linger at dishes we do not want and balk about how much we do not like them! We can just keep moving towards the more appealing offerings! Don't waste a precious moment of your life lingering next to something (or someone) you do not find appealing! If you feel you are obligated to someone for some reason, dig deep and find some quality in the person you do like and allow that to be your focal point!

I – INCREDIBLE INTUITION -our 6th sense! It is merely a matter of tuning in to know what’s up with our loved ones. When we quiet our minds (meditation is my all time favorite way to silence my inner dialogue) we can hear with our inner knowing and we understand others on a deeper level. By listening to the silent messages of the universe we are given insights in how others are feeling and we can be more effective in all of our relationships. Since I have been meditating daily, my relationships have significantly improved in all ways. I believe it is because I have gleaned a glimpse into other’s hearts and it causes me to be more compassionate.

O – OM NIPOTENT (OM aum – first and original sound of creation). = almighty or infinite power. We all have access to the ALMIGHTY INFINITE POWER. We may use different words to describe it such as God or Love or Source. People often get confused and think they are their thoughts or their brains. When people say they are losing their mind, I say, “great, now we are getting somewhere!” It is only through the heart that we really arrive to our destined destination. We have choices to REACT, RESPOND, OR CREATE. Depending on our level of consciousness, we pick how we will share our energy field. Be like the lighthouse. It stands tall and shines. It does not bend down, dim it’s light or go chasing boats that have gone astray. It shines and allows all to come home to shore!

U – UNIVERSAL REMOTE! We have ability to change channels. We can focus on what is going well or what is not. What we focus on grows. If we focus on just one quality of our mate, loved one, or co-worker we will begin to heal the relationship and allow more light and love.

Only you know how much peace you really have in your heart. Be your own Valentine first and make a VOW to live by VOWELS that empower you so you can offer your best self up for any other Valentine that you desire!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Diana

Diana Stone, M.A., is a Wellness Consultant and inspirational writer and speaker. Connect with her at or

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