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My Birthday Wish!

I just turned 53. Odds are fairly good that there are more years behind me than before me. Yet I feel like the road before me is adorned with golden light and the promise of unparalleled joy and satisfaction. And I’m not referring to being called home to Heaven! I’m referring to the here and now in the midst of busy family life with real world work and school deadlines, school car lines, grocery lines and all of the unpredictability of health matters, weather patterns and the challenges of caring for the generation that brought us into the world and the one we created.

There is a stillness in my heart that is beginning to “GET IT”. There is a sacred, quiet place deep within me that I regularly access through my 20 minute Transcendental Meditation twice daily practice that is now seeping over into my moment to moment awareness and daily routine. I used to struggle to “keep up” with emails, texts, calls, the latest headlines, my Facebook newsfeed, my kids’ school portal updates and now I have reversed the flow of information! I no longer try to keep up with anything! Rather, I quietly sit in my stillness of meditation, I take care of my body through my yoga practice, and as I set my intentions for the day, a customized “newsfeed” comes to ME at precisely the time I require it and in the doses that are comfortable for me to process and enjoy!

My birthday wish was just a recent example. In prior years, either my husband or friends or I had planned a birthday celebration for myself. But this year upon reflecting on what I truly wanted, I realized I prefer more one-on-one time with loved ones than even groups of friends or family. So I just decided to let it all unfold and not plan a thing!

To my absolute delight, individual invitations began to quietly pour in, like a steady Japanese Rain Chain. I have enjoyed more quality one-on-one with friends than ever before with simple get togethers over lunch, bike rides, walks, and beach outings. Even within my family I opted to celebrate more intimately with each family member. My youngest daughter got me a rose petal bath bomb and we savored our time in a warm bath together enjoying the bubbling magic ball transform into glistening rose petals. My husband knows all I want from him is his full focus, no phones and no schedules. I just want it quiet enough that I can hear him breathing and feel the beating of his heart.

Like a Japanese rain chain that allows water from the heavens to be directed gently into our worlds, my quiet birthday wish has brought an abundance of love to me in doses that are pleasing and specific to my heart’s desires.

My extended birthday wish is for everyone to know the peace and love that is ever available to us all when we choose to slow down and notice the beauty and love around us.

I am thankful for my birthday wishes and invite you to make a few of your own. Practice asking and receiving NOW so when your real birthday comes along you’ve got it mastered! Namaste!

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