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Finding Your Blissful Balance

“You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold them. Know when to walk away. Know when to run.” Lyrics to The Gambler sung by Kenny Rogers

Dear Reader,

In any given moment, even on a calm, regular day, we are presented with a multitude of options competing for our time. We may be at work when a family member calls. When a natural disaster, such as Irma, is threatening our home and community, we are forced to deal with the crisis in the way we feel is best for our families. With moment-to-moment quick decisions being made, people can find themselves torn as to what exactly to focus on. Some people immediately wanted to secure their properties while others feared for their family’s safety and chose to evacuate as soon as the magnitude of the storm became known. Still others, our local heroes, such as fire, rescue, and medical personnel, made oaths long before any storm that they would serve the greater community so they quickly had to make arrangements for their families so they could turn their energy towards helping those in need. Very quickly, the usual balance of life as we knew it was shifted and most people experienced feelings of being overwhelmed and out of balance. Long before the storm actually approached our specific communities, many people felt worn out from the collective stress from the media images, the waiting lines for nearly every consumable item, and the uncertainty of how severe the storm’s impact would truly be!

At our very core, our bodies and minds are desiring peace and balance! Our bodies are always working on our behalf to maintain homeostasis so we can function at our very best. We often aren’t aware of when we are “off” physically as much as we are aware when we are “off” emotionally. Many of us acknowledged we wanted a reprieve from the chaos of the non-stop inner chatter of our minds! We wanted immediate, pure, gratifying relief and may have even said out loud, “I just need a break – I want to relax!” Even after the storm passed and we assessed that for most of us in this community, that damage was fortunately minimal, limited to power outages and fallen trees, we FELT the PANGS of sorrow for those in our sister communities such as the Florida Keys. Many of us even post Irma felt unsettled and not certain what to do to truly help our fellowman.

But we can do much and it starts with acknowledging that a calm, relaxed body will allow our nervous system to slow down resulting in a calmer, more focused mind. For many people, especially those who experience anxiety, this means slowing down enough to breathe in fully and deeply to listen to our inner wisdom. For others, such as those suffering from depression, reclaiming homeostasis will require more stimulation such as an intense work out to release the stagnant energy. For all of us, tools such as meditation, will restore our inner balance so we can return to a new normal.

Even in tragedies or natural disasters, blessings abound. We realize how little we actually NEED and that it is the intangibles that really matter! We want mostly to hold onto our loved ones and to know at our core that ALL IS WELL! So long as we are breathing, we have a mission here on earth! Be committed to achieving your blissful balance so you can shine and heal the world in your unique way! Your light is meant to shine… clear on what type of “battery” you require to shine brightly and stay lit! Wishing you inner calm even in outer chaos, Diana

Diana Lynn Stone, M.A., is a Wellness Consultant and inspirational writer and speaker. Connect with her at

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