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Your BODY is Your Instrument! Take Care!

Dear Reader,

How are you feeling? When we are balanced and in tune with our own inner callings, we are able to shine our gifts with those we love and fulfill our life’s purpose in a peaceful, meaningful way. The expression DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO is all about allowing yourself to surrender to your calling! Our personal calling may not be our career. It most likely is something far more personal like raising a family or your creative outlet! There is no higher calling than that of creation. It is the ultimate expression of love by allowing our divine nature to take form whether it be in bringing a child, a painting, a song, or a sculpture into the world. When we allow our bodies to be the vessels for our higher calling to sing through, we are one with our higher self and there is great satisfaction and joy in the process!

We are energetic, vibrational beings. To allow for the creative genius within us to flow, we must first take exceptional care of our primary instruments – our bodies! The more playfully we can approach this, the better! My HOT YOGA shirt reads, ‘Eat, Sleep, Repeat!’ It’s a simple mantra that reminds us that our bodies are magnificent vehicles that transport us through life and requires very basic, yet regular care! By choosing to LOVE YOURSELF enough to take loving, gentle, regular care of yourself, you will look and feel your best! Let’s look at each category of wellness and ask yourself, “HOW CAN I MAKE THIS MORE FUN!”

DIET – Yikes! Why is it that a simple word can trigger stress before your first bite? BECAUSE YOU INSTINCTIVELY DON’T WANT TO DIE t, every cell in your body wants to LIVE IT. Change the way you approach it. Think of eating CLEAN! Just as you would choose clean, new, crisp paint brushes and a fresh palette of vibrant paints to create your masterpiece, choose crisp, clean fruits and vegetables to fuel your body! Keep it simple yet attractive. Even finicky children will gobble up healthy little berries and melons when served in a painter’s palette. Visual presentation is powerful! Take a few moments to make your meal look appealing! You deserve it!

EXERCISE – Exercise allows the synovial fluid to lubricate your joints so you can move with ease and allows your blood to deliver nutrients and carry away wastes. Mostly, if done right, IT FEELS GOOD! The key is to select any activity that you enjoy doing!

SLEEP - “To achieve the impossible dream, try going to sleep!” - Joan Klempner We are an exhausted nation. People are getting all buzzed up from coffee in the morning and unwinding with wine and sleep aids in the evening! This is like bungee jumping with your nervous system every day! Sleep is ESSENTIAL for our bodies to repair and renew! One of the best ways to restore your creativity is to take a nap! In fact, a nap makes just about everything better! Consider taking a day off and schedule NOTHING! Let go of your to-do list, leave your electronics off for a day and JUST BE!

EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING - There is nothing more important to your overall well being than your emotional health. Even when we don’t speak, we are transmitting energetic vibrations just like a radio station. If we are feeling good, we are giving off GOOD VIBRATIONS. If we are sad or angry, we are transmitting that too! Keep the airways HAPPY! Meditation is an extremely effective tool to restore your inner equilibrium. When we truly LET GO, we tap into our birthright of peace that resonates within. We can be the vessels of love, light and creativity that we are born to be! We are a society that is always searching for our life answers OUT THERE but that is not the direction of your heart’s calling. It is IN YOU! It’s not doing more, it’s doing less to uncover the perfection that is already YOU!

Most people want a quick fix. Here are two fast tools you can do anytime, anywhere. One - cultivate your attitude of gratitude – just bask in your blessings! Choose anything that delights you (the softness of your pillow, your cat, your favorite song) and give THANKS! Two – find your funny bone! Laughing releases your resistance and gets the endorphins flowing!

By taking supreme care of your body, you will uncover your creative nature! It’s never too late to tap into your creative, spectacular self and share your gifts with the world! Your talents can inspire, heal and expand the world! Be happy, Diana

Diana Stone, M.A., is a Wellness Consultant and inspirational writer and speaker. Connect with her at

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