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Selfishness or SelfFULLness?

In our culture, being portrayed as a “selfish person” is considered taboo. Many people go to great lengths to appear to be giving, generous souls, often at the expense of their own well-being. Mothers are notorious for this tendency to over-care for their children to a point of being over-bearing. Mothers often in their intentions of wanting to be “Good mommys”, provide all the materialistic desires of their children and forego basic necessities for themselves. This can be seen in the exhausted faces of moms all across the country especially at playgrounds, ball-fields and toystores! In some extreme cases of this tendency to want to be “giving” and avoid the label of “selfish”, people can actually get into the trap of living a SELFLESS life where self-care and nurturing do not even appear on the daily list of important to-dos!

However, the healthiest, wealthiest, happiest most generous people on the planet KNOW that taking care of yourself FIRST is the key to being able to create miracles for themselves and others!

How is this possible that by taking care of yourself first - by practicing the art of SELFFULLNESS – a person has so much more to offer? First, consider the simple protocol of airline safety travel instructions. The flight attendant always reviews before take-off that should the plane experience turbulence, and the oxygen masks become deployed, to please put your own mask on first! Why? Well it is rather obvious that if one is breathing shallow and in a state of potential panic, they are not in the best frame of mind to tend to another! Similarily, we can not give what we do not possess. The number one way to teach others is to live a life that models that which we value. If we want our children to eat well, speak kindly to one another, take responsibility for their actions, etc. then we must be willing to demonstrate those same behaviors with our own life choices.

We can only offer the real gifts of PEACE, LOVE, JOY, COMFORT, BEAUTY, ABUNDANCE and CLARITY to our children, spouses, colleagues, extended family and friends, if we radiate those qualities from our own hearts and actions. How do we become more SelfFULL to accomplish this? Many people already feel over-burdened with work and family obligations. Adding even one more “shoulds or to-do’s” can feel even more draining! That is why REDUCING STRESS is a critical component and one that MEDITATION addresses fully! Many people tell me, "I can't meditate! I can't get my brain to be quiet! I keep thinking and then I'm just wasting time feeling extra aggravated that I can't relax!" WIth Transcendental Meditation, there is no effort made to stop thoughts, because the very effort to try to control thoughts is keeping you from letting go! The technique taught at Transcendental Meditation Centers all over the world offers complete relaxation on a cellular level which ALLOWs true peace and clarity to flow. We are all connected to Source and often just forget, getting busy in our lives, and we start to believe we are on our own! Nothing could be further from the truth! Meditation awakens the KNOWINGNESS OF WHO YOU REALLY ARE by calming your central nervous system and clearing the blockages that stand between where you are now and your optimal health! Treating yourself to learning and practicing TM (transcendental meditation - the technique calls for meditating 20 minutes per day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon) gives a message unto itself that you value yourself and you deserve to feel good! Receiving such a powerful healing modality will improve your life experiences from the inside out. Interestingly, it is not that our will power increases as much as our own internal desires shift to crave that which is best for our physiologies and overall well-being.

RIGHT NOW consider how wonderful your life could FEEL if you had peace of mind, body and spirit. Many people admit they only feel relaxed for brief periods if ever! Imagine living your life from a relaxed, content place of KNOWING that ALL IS WELL? Learn FOR YOURSELF this proven technique and go from selfless to SelfFULL! People who are SelfFULL never become selfish because they are aware of the infinite powers and resources of this glorious universe. There is a realm of infinite, unbounded, pure potentiality that is accessible to all of us through Transcendental Meditation!

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