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Time to Edit YOUR LIFE!

Dear Reader,

Welcome to your Inspiration Station. The place you tune to with the intention of feeling better. It is my desire to help you connect with your absolute best self and by that I do not mean the NEW AND IMPROVED version of yourself you envisioned with last month’s New Year’s Resolutions! I mean the absolutely wonderful YOU that is already operating from your highest level that perhaps you haven’t given yourself full or even partial credit for! If you are amongst the millions of people who set out 2017 with the intention of losing weight, getting in shape, learning a new skill, etc. allow me to commend you for wanting to take supreme care of yourself. Also allow me to suggest being gentle with yourself because you most likely are doing more than you even realize. Do you care for others besides yourself? Perhaps amongst your responsibilities are tending to an ailing parent, emotionally (or otherwise) supporting your spouse, and being there for your children who look to you for love, guidance and depending on their age and stage EVERYTHING! Is it possible that you have already taken on enough RESPONSIBILITIES and instead of adding more resolutions and expectations, perhaps FEBRUARY IS A GREAT TIME TO EDIT YOUR LIFE!

At the core of most resolutions is our universal desire to feel good – physically, emotionally and spiritually! Usually what is blocking us from experiencing our inner balance is TOO MUCH INTERFERENCE. Consider when we are hungry and we open the refrigerator to dozens of little bowls and containers of who knows what? how it FEELS like we don't have anything to eat! Or how about when we go into our closets, literally stuffed with clothing, but FEEL like we don’t have anything to wear! Conversely, when we are on vacation and we see just a few delicious offerings in our mini-refrigerators, EVERYTHING looks delicious! And when we go to get dressed, it is EASY-BREEZY, because we only have one dress outfit, one casual attire, one perfect robe etc. so it is CLEAR AND SIMPLE as to what we will wear.

For this wonderful month of February, take yourself on a mini-mental vacation and instead of adding ANYTHING to your to-do’s, take an inventory of what you are already doing. Write it down so you are clear as to how you are spending your time. At the top of your new priority list, be sure to schedule in SELF-CARE. Time to meditate, exercise, connect with people who inspire you. When we take time to fill ourselves up, we have more to give to our loved ones! And just like we need to periodically clean out our refrigerators and closets, go through your contact list and edit out anyone who no longer supports the vision of yourself that you aspire to be! LESS IS MORE particularly when it comes to meaningful social connections.

By removing the food, clothing and people in our lives that do not delight, inspire and enrich us, we have more room for what and who nurtures us most. Make February your month to edit your life so can see and savor all the blessings you already have! Happy Editing, Diana

Diana Stone, M.A. is a Wellness Consultant, writer and speaker. Connect with her at

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