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Easy Does It!


Easy does it!

Ayurveda no electronics

Hippocrates no electronics

Rest is best.

Body will heal itself if given proper conditions.

If we always do what we've always done well always get what we've always got. We are eager to take a pill try a new doctor see an expert when we are slow to just let the body heal itself. Whenever I feel in myself or my child ya cold coming on the first thing I do is clear my calendar. Get to bed ! No tv ! No projects! Supreme health care ? How about sacred self care? Basics .... rest! Clean eating! Moderate exercise ! Meditation ! Gentle relationships ! Meaningful work or activities .... take it easy!

Happy napping, diana

When I was director of Hippocrates, a Transcendental meditation practitioner and at the John Hopkins woman's journey all support rest is best

Electronics used to overwhelm me. Now I know they are far more human than I ever realized. Whenever they don't work I simply unplug them give them a chance to be unplugged and re-plugged in bingo the printer works again the apps on my phone work again even Alexa works best when I unplug her give her a chance to rest.

Like testing for an allergy eliminate lots from life. Practice silent days. As u add each new person like a new food how do u feel? Or

Facebook. Listen!

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