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My Life Transforming Experience with Laura Norman – Wellness Life Coach and Reflexologist

“When nothing goes right, go left!” Author unknownHave you ever met a person who quickly became a Course Changer on your path? A person who inspires, delights and expands your consciousness to a level where every moment thereafter you experience the blessing of your union? I have been blessed to meet several along my journey. These special angels that appeared on my path may have initially seemed to cause a detour from my original trip but in retrospect they were actually leading me back to myself. Such has been my experience with world renowned Life Coach and Reflexologist, Laura Norman. I had the pleasure of meeting Laura when a dear friend gave me a gift certificate to meet with her. I never would have scheduled an appointment because I am a big fan of the full body massage and until I met Laura, it didn’t even seem logical to opt for just the feet when you could have your entire body massaged! When I first entered Laura’s peaceful sanctuary, I was in a state of semi-unease. I had re-entered the world of career searching after taking time to raise my daughter. I found the process more daunting than I had planned. I was rejected for jobs I didn’t even want and the hours and pay offered for most positions did not seem to warrant the time and commitment being asked for. I came to her just as an escape from my unease, hoping a foot rub would bring me comfort! Laura had me sit down on an extremely relaxing chair, offered me some purified water in a special glass and then she just smiled gently upon my soul like an angel sending me a vibrational healing. I figured I would capitalize on her mystical enchantment and ask her what she thought I should do with my career or rather lack thereof! Clearly, this smiling, warm, compassionate soul would KNOW what I was to do! In her charming, unassuming manner, Laura gently pointed out that she didn’t have any answers for me. She reminded me that I had all the answers within me and she would help me discover them for myself. I had to admit, this was not what I wanted to hear! I have always prided myself on being a goal-oriented, taskmaster that merely required a script that I could tackle, master, and then move on to another loftier goal. Even so, I surrendered to the moment and listened intently as this was a gift and I was willing to receive it. As I spoke, Laura reflected on how my choice of words affects how I feel and she encouraged me to be mindful to select words that make me feel good. If I opted to share something unpleasant, Laura advised using the phrase “in the past” before the statement to alleviate any power in the NOW of the old thought pattern. At first, this proved to be challenging. She asked that I focus on what I want rather than explain what was showing up in my life that I didn’t want. Then I noticed, even in our initial meeting, that I was feeling better! Quickly, by implementing just a few of her strategies, the career I had always wanted opened up! When it became clear that the hours were more than I wanted to expend, I sought out Laura’s counsel again. She reminded me to keep focusing on what I want. She said “This or better!” and it became my chant! I willingly surrendered what seemed “safe” and have now created my own unique career path that empowers women to listen to their own inner voices and honor their sacred internal wisdom. This journey has led me to discover more joy and abundance than I had even imagined!As a reward to myself, six months after meeting Laura, I finally set up a session with her to experience her reflexology giftedness! The experience was heavenly! The aromatherapy alone caused pleasant shifts in my brain chemistry. The gentle, yet firm pressures on my soles were experienced in my head and behind my eyes as a tingly, delightful internal massage! I imagined butterfly wings caressing my inner eyes. I literally heard a harp playing although Laura later told me no harps were on her relaxation CD. In Laura’s trademark fashion, she credited me with the extraordinary sensations that radiated throughout my body. She said she was merely the facilitator and that it was my allowing consciousness that gave me the fullness of the healing!I have been so inspired by Laura and the magnitude of the profound positive changes in my life, that I have enrolled in her summer training program. I want to be able to offer this gift of complete relaxation to my family, my friends and the women who I coach. I have come to learn, thanks to Laura, that my most powerful intervention with anyone starts with me being at peace with myself and surrendering to my divinity.

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